Rezilient Stretch & Analysis

A 60-minute appointment that includes a Postural and Stretch Analysis that includes hands on Stretching to determine what program will help you most. Future options include one of our 60-minute Full Body Stretches- Stretch Relax,  Stretch Active, or Stretch Intense, which will be determined by you and your Stretcher. Our expertly trained professionals provide manual hands on stretching in a comfortable spa-like environment. It is an intense stretch that feels good and will enhance your performance.

Rezilient Relax

Allow our stretcher to take you through a full-body Stretch while you relax for 60-min and improve your function.

Rezilient Active

This 60-minute stretch is designed for a reactive stretch in which the stretcher and client work together to take advantage of nervous system reactions to contraction and relaxation to gain deeper stretch. This active assisted stretch is rigorous and results in greater joint mobility and performance.

Rezilient Intense

Our most intense 60-min stretch program aimed at achieving athletes who demand the highest level of performance. Our Intense Stretch incorporates dynamic stretching and resistance with moderate pressure stroking and vibration to calm the nervous system and activate pleasure centers in the brain. You get the most intense work out and it feels good!