What should I wear?

Services are provided fully clothed. Wear something comfortable and ideally form fitting so that the manual stretch and strokes will not pull your skin.

What should I expect during my first appointment?

During your first appointment, the Stretcher will spend time getting to know your concerns, problems and focus areas. Your Stretch Pro will conduct a Postural and Stretch Analysis to assess your tissue and to recommend a Rezilient Stretch plan for you.

What if I have a particular area that I want to work on?

If you would like us to focus on certain areas, talk to your Stretch Pro. 

Can I book appointments online?

Yes, you can book your appointments online. Your first appointment should be a Stretch Analysis. Once you and your Stretcher determine the stretch program right for you, you can book future appointments on line as well.

How long is an appointment?

The length of appointments vary depending on the service (typically 60 minutes), which  includes 10 minutes of transition time allowing the Stretcher to transition between appointments.

What if I have to cancel an appointment?

Our appointment times are valuable to all clients. If you have to cancel, please do so within 24 hours so that we can open the appointment to someone else who could benefit.   If you cancel in less than 24 hours your method of payment will be automatically credited to you.  If you cancel after 24 hours, the charge for the appointment will remain on your bill.

What method of payment do you accept?

We ONLY accept credit cards – Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express. In order to schedule an appointment, payments must be made in advance. NO CASH or CHECKS are accepted.

Is there Parking?

There is free parking along Vaughan Street. In addition, we are directly next to public metered parking lots conveniently located within the parking lot of Kennebunk Savings Bank and the Sheraton Lot.

Can I use my health savings account?

 Check with your insurance company as they may allow you to be reimbursed for our services.

What level of training do Rezilient Stretchers have?

Rezilient Stretchers have 100 hours of the Rezilient training program and have varying backgrounds requiring a thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology. Rezilient Stretchers carry certification, licensures, or degrees in either athletic training, physical therapy assistant, massage therapy, personal training, or exercise physiology. 

How is Rezilient different then physical therapy?

Physical therapy focuses on treating and targeting a specific condition. Stretching is often incorporated in a patient’s PT rehabilitation however it is only one of many modalities used.  Stretching in physical therapy will often target specific muscles that were found to have restrictions.  Rezilient stretch, unlike PT, will target head to toe myofascial restrictions. Rezilient is a great option once you have been discharged from PT and looking to maintain your current function or specifically progress your mobility. Rezilient’s attention to the entire fascial train may be the missing link to your therapy goals.

What is better for me, a massage or a Rezilient Stretch?

A massage is a great way to target in on tight, tense muscles and can be very relaxing. Our Rezilient Stretch, however, combines the soft tissue mobilization techniques similar to massage with fascial elongation through full body stretches. Our stretches, unlike massage, will result in increased motion of your joints and improved performance for sport or for life! Rezilient Stretch also allows you to remain fully clothed.

What makes Rezilient superior to other stretch companies?

Rezilient Stretches were developed by two physical therapists with doctorate degrees and years of advanced training. Together they have 30 years of experience that guided them in the development of Rezilient’s proprietary stretches. Rezilient Stretches are evidence-based as they combine the current best literature, the clinical expertise of two Doctorates of PT, and years of treating patients and analyzing their values and preferences. The Rezilient Stretches have various levels of intensity, in order to address individual needs as well as to provide a progression of improvement.

What are the benefits of our Rezilient stretches?

Increased Posture and Posture Awareness

Poor posture over time leads to injuries due to poor alignment of your bones and soft tissues. The abnormal biomechanics cause muscle imbalance and potential impingements. You need to stretch in order to maintain correct alignment, which will ultimately prevent injury and keep you upright and moving with full strides.

Increased Circulation

Stretching improves your blood flow and circulation which is key to healthy joints and muscles. Increased circulation will also help reduce swelling and edema.

Prevention of Mobility Loss 

Collagen, a main constituent of connective tissue, becomes dense and stiffer with aging. Flexibility has been shown to decrease up to 50% in some joint areas with chronological age.  However, studies suggest that this loss of motion can be minimized with regular stretching and range of motion exercises.

Increased Performance

Athletes looking for that cutting edge will benefit from our Rezilient Intense Stretch, which utilizes a PNF technique shown in the literature to increase performance.

Studies have shown an increase in both stride rate and stride length with routine Stretching.

Pain reduction

Rezilient Stretch increases blood flow to your joints and muscles. It opens the fascia and helps pump blood so it can flow more freely through. This helps alleviate pain and helps expedite the healing process.


Our Rezilient Stretch is very relaxing and mentally and physically therapeutic. There is no pain with our stretches. Our techniques help improve hydration, improve circulation, elimination of waste, reduce stress, and improve sleep.

How do I use Rezilient's reward program?

Rezilient has a loyalty reward program. Clients earn Rezilient reward dollars with each Rezilient Stretch. You can redeem these points to receive a free stretch. Be sure to ask your Rezilient Stretch Pro where you stand with your free stretch.