Stretching on Your Own is Not Enough

As highly trained physical therapists founders Kate Serodio, DPT, OCS and Dan Fleury, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT, know how the body works and the significance of stretching. For years we have seen the immediate and long term benefits that it provides. Stretching has always been a major piece of the puzzle to recovery, mobility, and performance. Stretching will aide in the prevention of postural dysfunctions, which ultimately leads to numerous injuries, chronic pain and decreased function. We created Rezilient to provide everyone the opportunity to achieve the benefits of assisted stretching – better posture, increased circulation, enhanced performance, pain reduction, and relaxation. We believe the Rezilient Stretches will have a huge impact on your health and wellness, allowing you to stay in motion throughout life.

Stretching Feels Good

Not only will you gain function but you will immediately feel good. Our stretches capitalize on the interconnections of the muscles and deploy stretching, combined with moderate pressure strokes, to activate the pleasure centers of the nervous system. This creates an intense stretch that feels good!

Be Stretched. Be Rezilient.