CLOSURE NOTICE: Our Commitment to Patient and Community Safety

At Rezilient, it’s all about the people. Our top priority has always been to provide a safe and supportive environment for you to reach your goals. 

We are facing an indescribably challenging time as a community with the spread of COVID-19 and as small businesses with complete shutdowns for nonessential businesses and reopening following guidelines and mandates.  There are many uncertainties, unknowns, and concerns right now for both patients and staff. What has been and will always remain certain, however, is that our top priority as an organization is the health and well-being of our staff, our patients, and our community.   

With the utmost concern for the health, wellness, and safety of our valued Patients, the Rezilient team has made the difficult decision to close. The strain on resources during this past year with a complete shutdown due to non-essential business has made it difficult to keep the office staffed safely.

The struggles of a complete shutdown then reopening are essentially like starting a business from scratch. Later, remaining open after restarting during this pandemic with a skeleton crew certainly had its own challenges. From battling with the ever-changing CDC guidelines to the additional work needed to provide a safe environment to the laying off /rehiring of staff (with some pushback due to the unemployment stimulus funds they were receiving). Unfortunately, Rezilient just wasn’t Pandemic Proof.

In addition, Interacting with clients has been difficult with mandated masks.  Communication and facial expressions are key when working with clients and stretching muscles.  We greatly rely on those cues to help us understand thresholds and be able to “connect” with patients.  This has greatly limited our ability to properly serve and as a team, we realized this strain was limiting our ability to do our jobs optimally.
*See the recent article by Kate Serodio on Masks relative to this industry

We ask for your patience, compassion, and support—and extend our own—during these unprecedented times. As our team has said to our staff, patients, and community, at this time of great uncertainty, we find ourselves giving thanks multiple times per day for the things we can count on—family, friends, and the Rezilient community.    

We will evaluate reintroducing Rezilient Stretch in the spring at the Hampton PT dependant on the current environment.  We believe in stretch, especially with people homebound and not moving as they once did.  Read our sister company blog on prolonged sitting. 

Because of the time-sensitive nature of the stretch services we provide, we feel that to the extent possible, it is important that we continue to serve patients who need our help to recover and focus on PT. As always, it is our pleasure to serve you and we remain committed to your health and trying to get back to a sense of normal.

For the interim, we invite you to connect with us at our sister company, Hampton PT.  We also share health and wellness blogs and invite you to visit our Company blog.

If there is anything else, we can do to support you through your course of care, please do not hesitate to let us know. 

Thank you for your support and understanding.

The Rezilient Team