Rezilient’s Top 5 Stretches for Bikers

Biking this year is bigger than ever and if you were lucky enough to buy a new one or you already had one, then you’ve most likely been enjoying mountain biking, road biking, or just cruising.

Biking of all sorts is a great activity but like most recreational activities it can create some muscle flexibility imbalances that can quickly lead to pain. Biking is a great low impact sport for your knees but it can really result in neck and low back pain due to your neck being in constant extension and your trunk forward flexed.  This position results in:

  1. Tight Suboccipitals: these are the muscles at the base of your neck.  While biking your neck is in extension and elongates the muscles in the front of the neck but shortens the ones in the back.
  2. Tight Pectoralis Muscles:  having your hands on the handlebars and crunched forward shortens the muscles in the front of your body and brings your shoulders forward-this can create a forward shoulder posture
  3. Tight Anterior Fascia line:  your body is in a crunched forward position shortening the muscles of your abdomen
  4. Tight Hip Flexors/Psoas Muscle:  again, you’re in a crunched forward position and your hips are in flexion, similar to sitting in a seat all day, these front of your hip muscles will become very tight and may result in some low back pain
  5. Tight Hamstrings: the muscles behind your thigh and knee will become very tight due to the constant knee flexion while biking.

Fortunately, there are some quick and easy stretches that you can do to make sure you stay pain-free. Check out our YouTube channel, Stretches for Bikers Playlist at your convenience. 

These stretches are a great way to hopefully avoid severe muscle imbalances.

We at Rezilient specializes in hands-on 1:1 Professional stretching that will stretch you- head to toe targeting and stretching muscles that are nearly impossible to stretch on your own.  If you’re a biker and looking to make sure you maintain your flexibility balance then Rezilient is the place for you.  Routine stretching will ensure that you don’t develop a forward head, rounded shoulder daily posture.

Come in and be stretched. Be Rezilient!