With the fall season approaching, everyone is spending more time enjoying the outdoors, hiking, signing-up for 5ks and more!

Fall in New England is upon us! If you decide to go out for a run and take advantage of the cooling weather, it’s still important to avoid injury. A great way to try and prevent injury is to get a good stretch in beforehand to warm up. No matter what season it is in New England, stretching is KEY!

Here’s a sample of stretches to keep you moving better; we’ve linked our YouTube video for each stretch, so you can stretch with Hunter before your run!

  1. Calf/Lower Leg Stretch
    1. Place your toes and foot against the wall
    2. Place heel on the ground
    3. Lean forward until a deep stretch is felt in the calf
    4. Hold for 15-20 seconds
    5. Repeat on each side
  2. IT Band/Lateral Body
    1. Standing, cross right leg in front of left leg
    2. Lift right arm above head
    3. Lean body to left side pushing right hip outward
    4. Hold for 15-20 seconds
    5. Repeat each side
  3. Low Back
    1. Lay down on your back
    2. Pull knees into chest
    3. Hold for 5-10 seconds
    4. Repeat 2-3 times
  4. Plantar Fascia/Bottoms of Feet
    1. Standing or sitting, take a small hard ball (golf ball, lacrosse ball, tennis ball)
    2. Place foot on ball (without shoes)
    3. Apply pressure and slowly move foot over ball
    4. Continue for 10-15 seconds
    5. Repeat on other side


At Rezilient want to keep you out doing what you love most for as long as possible. We focus on a full-body stretching technique to keep your muscles loose and body feeling better. Keeping your muscles stretched can help you live pain-free and moving around more fluidly. Reach out and talk to a Rezilient stretch professional today and take a step in the right direction.

Stay healthy, and stay Rezilient!